Charitable and Community Quilting

If you have been a follower of my primary blog With Heart and Hands then you know that I have been making my own "healing hearts" or comfort quilts, for community and charitable giving since I first learned to quilt. And above all else, I seek to be of service..both in my real life, and virtually through my blog.

Martin Luther King was born on my father's birthday, January 15th, so in honor of both of these fine men, both pioneers in their own lives and in their own ways, I always quilt and sew for charitable causes on this day.....always!

Check out my primary blog by clicking on the photo of me at work and see some of the projects I create for donation and check out a nice list of primary topics for free sewing and quilting links that are wonderful ideas for charitable donations to foster children programs, hospitals, nursing homes and children's programs of all kinds. I also have patterns for honoring military families with quilts, banners, and tote bags, and ideas for pillowcases, hot pads and many, many other items that make wonderful gifts or projects for raising money for your quilting group or guild!!!