Free Snowman Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns

It's Friday and I'm still being frugal...right now my frugality is focused on time and my very best use of it! Therefore, I look out our Douglas Island home and see snow still piled up outside...and think what can I offer for Frugal Friday?...Well, more free quilt patterns, of course!

And what could be more appropriate than sending you free Snowman patterns.I don't know what the weather's doing in your area...it's actually warming up here. My 92 year old dad put on his southeast Alaska boots and trekked up to check on his poor old motor home. The roof was leaking and door piled up against the door...but sinking to this thighs, he still managed to pry it open and climb inside.

After he was missing in action for an hour, I tried to put on my own boots to climb through the snow to both look for him and keep an eye on my mom in her chair at the same time. I finally decided he either must be a snowman or a popsicle but eventually he came in from his play in the snow and back to our cozy home.

So, for my snowman father, I offer you Frugal Friday Free...Snowman Quilt Patterns...a wonderful, whimsical variety of quilt blocks, applique, redwork, green work, whatever works for you snowman quilts and/or quilt blocks. The photos just show the few that aren't copy protected but all links lead to free patterns.

January - Father Time SnowmanFebruary - Hearts SnowmanMarch - Leprechaun SnowmanMay - Gerbera Daisy Snowlady June Snowman - Graduate July Cowboy Snowman August - Baseball Snowman September Football Snowman October Witch SnowladyNovember Indian SnowmanDecember Blue Snowman

Vermillion Stitchery Free 2008 Bom Stitchery Patterns (directly above)

others shown and not shown:

Simply Snowmen

Snow Man Quilt PatternSnow Man Quilt Pattern

-->Mini-mini snowman quilt
Snowman Quilt Block (above)
Windblown Snowman
Snowflake The Snowman
Let it snow

Christmas Star (and snowman) Wallhanging

2009 BOM Snowman (Legacy of Stitches) Patterns

Getting to Crazy BOM Snowman patterns

Vermillion Stitchery 2008 BOM Snowman stitchery patterns: Free!

Applique Snowman

Cozy Company

Primitive Snowmen

Redwork Snowman

Redwork Snowman




Snowman Face

Snowman Door Hanger

Starry Night *NEW*

Huskevarna:snowman Quilt!


snowman quilt door hanger
snowman quilt ornaments

Need a snowman quilt block pattern for your next holiday or winter themed quilt? Check this one out!

Below: medium-sized Christmas star themed snowman quilt

And now...
More of My Free Pattern Links:

My links to over 2,500 Free Quilt Patterns + How to Add a Widget to them on your own blog

shown above:
a Salem Community Quilter's BOM quilt from 2008 ....beautiful green work and applique. It was not a free pattern, just so beautiful I wanted to show it off! It took some research, but for all who asked it is from 'Crab-apple Hill' and is pattern #408 Winter Wonderland

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