Making Fleece Blankets and Play Pads

Make a No-Sew Fleece Blanket


I like to do this on rainy days when I want something easy to make ahead for gifts!

Fleece Play Pad for a New Baby or Toddler or Hey, I could use one of these!!!!

Directions for Making Fleece Blanket and/or Play Pads!

No-Sew Fleece Blanket (optional pillow)

Directions for making and cutting fringe for a simple fleece blanket:

Crafting Time:  

1-2 Hours or less depending on your own personal speed
Skill Level:No Experience Necessary
*Tip: if your fringe rounds and pulls at corners you are cutting the fringe too shallow. 
*For a baby blanket fringe should be cut 4" -5" deep and 1" apart. 
*For a teen/adult  blanket cut it  6" deep - 7" deep and 1" apart. 
This makes a much smaller blanket when finished but looks so much better. And 7" deep fringe creates a really elegant look! Makes a great gift for any age!!

Sizing for baby blanket: 36"x 36" / 45"x 45" 
Sizing for teen/adult blanket: width of fabric by 72" (buy 2 yards each/4 yds total)

  • Fleece: 2 yds each, print & solid
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat ( I prefer scissor cutting for this)
  • Tape measure
DIRECTIONS: Cut both layers of fleece at the same time.

1. Remove flat selvage edge if desired on both pieces.
2. Lay fleece wrong sides together. Cut a 4"-6" square from each corner of the fleece. (I make a cardboard square template of required size and use it over and over again for ease of cutting)

2. FRINGE: Cut 4" - 7" deep (depending on finished blanket size) into fleece at 1" intervals around all sides of top & bottom layers. Knot fringes together around blanket, using 1 strand from the front and 1 strand from the back. Double knot, but do not tie too tightly or it will bunch and be less attractive.


  • Fleece: 3/4 yd each, print & solid
  • 16" square pillow form
  • Rotary cutter & mat
  • Tape measure
DIRECTIONS: Cut both layers of fleece at the same time.

1. Cut 26"x26" from each piece of fleece. Lay fleece wrong sides together. Cut a 5" square from each corner.

2. FRINGE: Cut 5" into fleece at 1" intervals around all sides of top & bottom layers. Knot fringe pieces together around 3 sides, using 1 strand from the front and 1 strand from the back.

3. Insert pillow form. Finish tying pillow closed.

Make a Fleece Baby Play Pad..use alone or under a little play gym for floor play with baby!

 Fabric and Supplies: play mat ended up being 36" x 36" for a specific use area..but make yours as big as you like!

You'll need a piece of fleece for both front and back ..I used two different co-coordinating pieces

Plus a extra thick piece of batting..I used upholstery batt, but you could use multiple pieces of high loft poly depending on how thick you want it!

Stitch a seam all around , right sides together, keeping an eye on your design if its linear or has a pattern you want to maintain as mine did with this block lines of 'stitching'...

 Be sure to leave a 6" space you can go in and pull it back out right sides out again!

Then I inserted my thick own preference rather than including it in the stitching since mine was extra extra high loft from mulitple layers..I used one piece of upholstery batting sandwiched in between two pieces of regular, thinner poly batting.

Ta Da..a wonderful play mat, make one for baby and one for grammy's house too!

Making Fleece Blankets With Scraps! 

It's just easy strip piecing and either tie the ends as you do a fleece blanket or use strips of fleece for just cut evenly and sew on by machine!!


 These fun baby fleece blankets were made from scraps we had left over at a wonderful charitable quilting group I sew with on the second Saturday of the month, here in Salem Oregon.

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