Making An Adult Bib: With Collar and Trims!

As any of you who has ever tried to watch TV.... and eat at the same time... knows, something almost always spills...and often you end up ruining a nice or even favorite piece of clothing. Time to protect and defend the elderly with a 'senior' bib!

And as someone who is almost ready for a working model for myself, I know this will not only be appreciated for its feminine look.... unlike a typical adult bib, or the use of a kitchen towel upon one's front.....but for its practicality. It's simply made of a few pieces of fabric, a simple pattern and a little trim. And it can be opened and closed with a simple velcro closure in the back.

And furthermore, it's actually two patterns in one! One side of the pattern is a lady's version with a round collar, and the other side, a typical pointed-end gentleman's collar. Add a bow or a little ribbon for the lady (and perhaps a few decorative buttons) and a nice homemade bow tie for the man.

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Happy Holidays this Spring. 

Rejoice and Renew!!! 

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