Making a Quillow


 Quillow: Etymological Note: quilt + pillow

Why make a quillow and not just a quilt?

With high school or college graduations or for an unexpected birthday or even a great Christmas gift....what better gift to give from the heart than a quickly made 'quillow'?

A cross between a quilt and a pillow, it can be as simple as sewing two pieces of 45" x 72" fabric together and adding a pillow section of 18" -20" square......or as complicated as any scrap or quilt pattern pieced design you might choose for the quilt top and pillow portions. Reverse the pocket opening to the top, add straps and you have a wonderful baby quillow for a gift. You can even add extra outside pockets for baby supplies, and use it as a changing pad or play mat!

I was needing a quick gift for a great nephew who graduated from high school and I was fortunate to have some scraps of soft flannel which a focus fabric featuring cars. Many of the designs in this fabric are vintage Mustangs, one of which this young man owns and drives as a cherished possession.

Using a 'Turning Twenty" pattern, I was able to quickly piece a basic quilt top and add a simply pieced back section and pieced pillow and in very little time, I was then ready to machine stitch in the ditch, flip and turn it into itself for the magic quillow.

For a complete photo tutorial go to my primary blog post by clicking on: 

With Heart and Hands: How To Make A Quillow

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