I'm Adding Some Extra Valentine Love!


It's  time for more Valentine love!

I'm always finding new quilt designs that are just too pretty ..I have to share them!  These beauties come out of Seattle from the generous Cindy Carter. Click on the linkup to check out her site and see all of the fabulous fun and be sure to thank her for her generosity in creating and providing free quilt patterns.

I'm so happy just to be able to share them, and then make them myself for my charitable community projects. These are just now being added in to my master list of Hearts and Valentine linkups to patterns from quilt makers around the world that they so graciously share from their own hearts with love!

I love this one, above!

Remember!  A click is a download from Cindy, so don't click just to make it larger for will link to her download! And the same for each of her images.

 And I'm putting it on my favorites list. Perfect for all of my community and charitable causes! I can see this for everyone from the families of tiny babies, to hospice, to patriotic quilting when you want something other then flags and patriotic symbols. This one is filled with love! And think about's absolutely perfect for a doll quilt! And I've promised to make some for a nearby group, too!

doll quilt 2

Great fun with a modern twist! A summer wedding quilt, perhaps? Love the use of yellow which is showing up more and more, have you noticed?

Something about this one makes me thing of applies and teachers. Is it just the red...see the hearts as scallops? Very different!

Oh, yes, sooo sweet! I'm thinking valentine love and doilies combined in one quilt. Too pretty for sweet words!

Simple, classic, always just right. This one I'd put on every baby isolette in the preemie nursery in a heartbeat. I need to get sewing. Love this and it could be make up in a hurry..always good for when you need to be able to make a quilt in a day!

 Another bit of a modern twist combined with the charm of traditional.  I can see this one in different colors...imagine  black and white and one other color for accent...oh yes!

 Click on the PICTURE to Download the Free Pattern from Cindy in Seattle...
And say thank you, and use these for your private use or to share when making charity quilts!

Thank you to the talented designer/quilt maker Cindy Carter of Seattle!
Links to her website.


Heart Box tutorial

 Click on heart box to link right onto Geta's Blog!

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